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This is Lilypad

Providing affordable, high-performance game servers to customers around the world

Our mission

We know keeping your players happy all the time is difficult — trust us, our team has worked with some of the largest servers out there. That's why each and every feature in our control panel is carefully thought out to provide you with the smoothest and easiest experience.

Our latest-gen Ryzen hardware, optimised specifically for Minecraft servers, has been deployed in optimal locations around the globe to keep your players' lag complaints at bay. Paired with the industry's leading DDoS protection along with our friendly and experienced support team, this is the way Minecraft servers were meant to be.

But why Lilypad over other providers?

Over time, Minecraft has become more and more taxing on server performance. Back on 1.8 (that's 9+ years ago!), a server could run a few dozen players on only a couple GB of RAM. The server software back then was nowhere near as complex as it is now, and that means on modern versions of Minecraft, the recommended amount of RAM is at least 4GB, even if it's just a server for you and a few friends.

But RAM is definitely not the only factor to consider. Minecraft has also become more intensive on the CPU, meaning the hardware some hosts use, like the ones on our homepage, has become outdated by many years. We're able to offer the most recently available hardware at a much lower price point than competitors do for even half as performant hardware! If you're wanting to run a server with only the best performance, even if it is just a small server and you don't want to risk facing issues, Lilypad is the way to go.

Our values

This is what we stand for

Honesty & transparency

We work to be honest and transparent about our services, so you have all the information you need to start your server, attract players or diagnose an issue

Customer focused

We really mean it — you're our top priority and we want to work with you as much as possible to find out how Lilypad can benefit you and your playerbase

Constantly innovating

We're always implementing the latest technologies, improving your experience regardless of whether you're a beginner or an experienced Minecraft server owner