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Multiplayer worlds hosted on the best hardware on the market

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Install and update packs from CurseForge, Modrinth, FTB and Technic with ease and in a matter of seconds, or upload your own mods through our control panel

Off-site backups

Create full server backups in just a few clicks, and restore or download to your computer at any time — stored securely off-site to ensure redundancy

One-click features

Free features available with all plans include MySQL databases, additional ports, and no slot limit, making our servers perfect for large-scale communities

Plans for servers of all shapes and sizes

Choose the perfect plan for your community

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99.95% uptime SLA


Instant deployment

Upgrade at any time

Off-site backups

Additional ports

MySQL databases

Love & affection

Powerful control panel

Who said managing a server can't be fun?

Opera GX server

"The services are super easy to use and quick with both the initial setup and support if any issues came up"

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