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Revolutionary hardware

Powered by latest-gen Ryzen CPUs, a premium network uplink and enterprise hardware that's never oversold, this is the way Palworld servers were meant to be

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Unstoppable protection

We've partnered with leading providers to offer some of the best DDoS protection on the market, available globally and specifically tailored to protect Palworld servers

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Exceptional control panel

The process of managing your Palworld server is now much easier thanks to our customised control panel, so you can get back to enslaving Pals alongside your friends

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Lilypad hardware icon

Revolutionary hardware

Powered by latest-gen Ryzen CPUs, a premium network uplink and enterprise hardware that's never oversold, this is the way Palworld servers were meant to be

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Palworld lilypad hosting

"Want to build a pyramid? Put an army of Pals on the job. Don't worry; there are no labor laws for Pals."

Palworld is a brand new open world survival game, where you can farm, build and work alongside mysterious Pokémon-like creatures called Pals. If that doesn't sound fun to you, create a ruthless poaching syndicate instead and fight Pals in the wild instead. The choice is yours.

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  • Can I play Palworld in singleplayer instead?Lilypad arrow

Only the PC version of Palworld supports connecting to servers at the moment, although they're looking to bring dedicated servers to Xbox and the Microsoft Store as soon as possible.

Lilypad doesn't place any slot limitation on our customers' servers, but there's an official player limit of 32 which the Palworld developers are working on raising.

As Palworld only recently released Early Access, there are few resources available for modding at this current time. We recommend keeping an eye out online for developments.

Sure! Palworld has a singleplayer mode (via the "Start Game" button in the main menu), but we recommend purchasing a server from Lilypad as soon as you want to start playing with friends!

Palworld lilypad hosting


The perfect balance between
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Turn it on, off and on again

Grab your server's address, enter commands straight from the Console and monitor resource usage without the need for any third-party plugins. You can even create scheduled commands such as a daily restart under the Schedules tab.

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FTP? What's that?

Although we offer SFTP access which can be handy when transferring large files, you can upload, move, edit and compress files straight through your browser. The file editor has been designed to make modifying files easier than ever.

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Our top priority

The days of sharing passwords are over. Our subuser manager allows you to invite your staff members to the control panel and fine-tune permissions to provide access to only necessary features, such as read-only console and file editor permissions.

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How many concurrent players do you expect to be on your server at once?

Below 10


What location would you like to host your server in?

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Virginia, US

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California, US


Recommended plan

We've highlighted the best plan for your use case, although feel free to take a look at the others too

Just a note! The Palworld server software currently has a memory leak, meaning it uses an unusually large amount of RAM. Unlike other hosts, we only offer servers from 16GB, the minimum recommended amount by the game developers, to protect our customers from these issues as much as possible.



Perfect for a few friends

5 vCPUs of Ryzen 9 7950X
240GB NVMe Storage
Create 5 Off-Site Backups



Perfect for larger groups

6 vCPUs of Ryzen 9 7950X
300GB NVMe Storage
Create 6 Off-Site Backups



Perfect for growing communities

7 vCPUs of Ryzen 9 7950X
360GB NVMe Storage
Create 7 Off-Site Backups



Perfect for big playerbases

8 vCPUs of Ryzen 9 7950X
420GB NVMe Storage
Create 8 Off-Site Backups


Customise your plan to fit your needs


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